8 Places to Hang a Magnetic Knife Rack

We always love to re-design our kitchen and then make use of the short space within the kitchen. Well, keeping Magnetic Knife Rack on your kitchen is always a beautiful thing as it utilizes a small space and along with this, it also utilizes a beautiful gesture of the kitchen.


To keep the knife in a magnetic rack will require much less space and also a better accessibility for anyone. So, if you are planning to make anything better, then the time has come for you to find out different places to keep the magnetic rack.

Well, here are 8 Places to Hang a Magnetic Knife Rack!

Above the sink:

Placing the rack above the Sink is a great idea so that every time after cutting or chopping when you are willing to wash them, you can easily place them above the sink. Getting a compact touchless faucet will give you enough room above the sink to rack them.


A lot of people do keep it in such a way in order to maintain a good balance.

Behind the stove:

The walls behind the stove are practically used for nothing and are generally kept blank due to a shortage of space. However, if you are planning to keep your magnetic knife rack anywhere, then it is one of the best places to do so.

To the side of the stove:

Placing the rack to the side of the stove may just be another great wplace to store the knives. Well, if you are planning to keep the rack to the side of the stove, it is indeed a great idea.

Underneath the cabinets:

Places underneath the cabinets generally remain empty and it is impossible to keep anything here unless you have anything magnetic.


So you can simply place the magnetic rack underneath the cabinets and can place them perfectly.

On the wall as part of a larger grouping:

If you have a lot more of utensils apart from the knives to keep then placing the magnetic rack on the walls with an extra space is just what you are looking for. You can also place spoons and other utensils along with this.

On the backsplash:

This is probably one of the best places and also the most common place to keep the knives.


So if you have a chopping board to slash the fruits, grabbing a knife from here would be much easier for you.

On a small, otherwise unused wall area:

If you have any unused area on the walls that remain empty most of the time, then the moment has come for you to utilize it. Well, just place the magnetic knife rack on the side of the walls and utilize them easily.

On the window frame:

Well, this might sound to be a little weird, but placing the magnetic knife rack on the window frame is a unique idea.


Most of the time, these frames remain empty and they are not utilized. So you can easily place the knives here.

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