5 Things to look for when buying an Electric smoker

Now that you have decided to get an Electric smoker for yourself, it wouldn’t be bad to do a little research into what exactly do you need and for what purpose. If there is any feature which makes you doubtful, ask yourself “Is this something I am ever going to use?” and if your answer is No, you can forget about it and move on.


We have made a list of things which you should pay attention to while buying an Electric Smoker for yourself.

1.    Cooking space

Check how much food can be stored in this space and if it is less than what you need, look at other models. Usually, all electric smokers are big enough to store and cook food for a normal family but if you are looking to cook a large amount of food, then you should probably opt for a larger spaced smoker.

Many smokers provide you with the huge amount of space in which you can store food for a very large gathering or cook food for a lot of days in one go. You can cook turkeys and other large meat in such smokers too. You have to decide how big you want your storage space to be.

2.    Drip Pan

Opt for electric smokers which have drip pan as it will make it easier for you to clean the meat fat and other fluids from smoking. You can then dispose of these in whichever way you want. You can either use them as a sauce or drop these liquids into the fire, anything is better than scrubbing the smoker clean from this.

So check if the smoker has a well-defined drip pan attached to it or not. If not, maybe you should look at other models. But if you have no problem cleaning up your smoker, then you can go ahead and ignore this feature.

3.    Moveable shelves

One of the handiest features would be if the rack inside the electric smoker can be removed or adjusted accordingly. This would help in cooking any type of food with increased ease. You can remove all except one shelf inside the smoker except for one when trying to smoke a turkey or you could get all your shelves when trying to cook starters.

It adds more flexibility to your cooking. You can easily adjust the shelves so that all the food items get a proper amount of smoke. So, make this a priority and check what kind of rack a smoker offers.

4.    Temperature Range

Check what range of temperature is this smoker providing you and assess whether it is compatible with your needs or not. If you are looking for something which helps you in cooking normal vegetables, meat and ribs then you can go for some smoker which provides you with a range of 225-275 degree F. But if you are looking for something to cook red meat, turkey, etc. occasionally then it would be better if you choose a smoker which provides you with a temperature range of 350 – 500 degrees F. As per bestpelletsmoker.com, Pellet smokers offer a pretty wide range of tempratures and heat intensities.

Remember, it all depends on your needs. You can buy any random smoker but it won’t be much used to you if you aren’t able to cook your food properly.

5.    Durability

Make sure you buy a smoker which is made of durable material such as stainless steel and doesn’t rust or corrode easily. If you get a smoker and come this winter, it doesn’t work anymore because of the cold then what’s the use of such a smoker? So keep in mind that the material distributes heat better because only then it will work in cold.

Properly assess the making and design of the model before buying it, make sure this is what you require in your smoker. If there is even one thing which you are not satisfied with, choose another smoker.


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